Is it something deep, something that shakes the core of your being? The thought frightens you to your bones and the darkness is nothing short of blinding.


You KNOW your fear, you’ve faced it or had a glimpse of it. You’ve thought about it and allowed it to haunt you. You’re aware, aren’t you?

Now that I made you think about what you fear — what kind of feelings does the glimpse or thought of your fear bring to you?

Do you let the feeling haunt you (subconsciously) and distract you?

OR, do you shove it under the rug of today and decide to deal with it if / when you see it again?

OR, do you prepare yourself to run away from everything close to it?

OR, do you prepare to deal with it, head on.


Is it loss, illness, misfortune, failure, betrayal, commitment, death? Whatever is your deepest fear —  Identify it.

Don’t let it distract you from your main goals.

We create our own fears, limitations and obstacles. Our mind creates them, so it should be our responsibility to destroy them and create brand new feelings, substitute the ‘’fear’’ with ‘’faith’’ and/or ‘’self — confidence’’.

First you need to identify your fear, because everything on the other side of fear, is your dream waiting to come true. Fear and darkness is nothing but the shadow, of light — our universe substantiates this, with the phenomenon of day and light. Yet, we humans, silly humans get so afraid of things inspite of having answers for them. Or at least, have the capacity to discover the answers.

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we play mind games with ourselves?


When you come to terms with reality, when your bubbles burst, when your conscience is suddenly urging you to identify your purpose of life — you will go through a phase when you are at a low and you’re confused and there’s too many thoughts in your head, you just need clarity, you just need answers — at that juncture, just stop. Wipe off all the questions from your head — and let your mind be blank.

The universe wants you to pause for a moment, and take control. Take control of the fact that you’re the strongest. You in your present form, are unstoppable, strong, powerful and magnanimous.


Take control of the moment, because it’s all yours. And in that moment, you will realize your calm mind has the capacity to identify and fathom the answers that were hiding in a corner of your head.

You can faintly hear the voice in your head — they call the instinct or the gut feeling, and so you try, harder and harder to develop a relationship with that voice in your head, and make it your friend.

It’s the voice of your conscience. Your conscience is your friend. Positive thoughts and negative thoughts come from your conscience. You need to make your conscience your friend. You need to realize that your heart and the voice in your head give you all the answers you need. Sometimes it makes you dream of beautiful things, and reminds you of all the things you really want, and it shows you the light; but then sometimes, you stumble into the shadow of the light and end up thinking negative thoughts.


Now here’s the secret that you need to know : The only reason you experience ‘’fear’’ aka the shadow of light — is because your conscience wants you to ‘’really desperately’’ want to make your dreams come true. Everything on the other side of your fear are your dreams waiting to come true right? So the conscience wants you to experience what it would feel like if your dream didn’t come true. That’s all!! Fear is only a projected insecurity of not having what you love the most, or losing what you love the most. The point of fear, is to make you value, appreciate and love everything you have.

Instinct and conscience are gifts that must be used well. That must be tamed too. You need to control your actions and thoughts. You need to always be ‘’switched on.’’

Once you realize what is it that you really fear, you become switched on.

You need to realize that whatever it is you fear, is not real, it’s just a reminder to open the nodes in your head, to and to realize that fear is just the shadow of a bright light.

Grab the bull that scares you, by it’s horns. And smile at it. In a second the bull will run away. The moment you smile, and let the negative thoughts know they cannot scare you, it will run away and you will be filled with positive beams of energy again.

That’s what your journey is about. So take charge, take control, and realize that fear is only a friend. It is actually the one thing that is guiding your way, even if we confuse it to be the opposite of that. Think of the positive connotation. Think of the brighter side. Because light needs its shadow. And that’s what fear is.

Fear is the catalyst to your strength. It’s the shadow that shows you your ‘’light’’. It’s when you realize that your survival instinct is your biggest source of inspiration.

Be fearless.