Is your dresser filled with multiple creams and products that have been recommended to you by half this planet? Have you always woken up to acne and boils and are unsure what you do that causes them? Is your skin irritable and itchy? Are you layering up your skin with lots of foundation to cover up the redness and dryness?

If yes, then you have what experts call SENSITIVE SKIN. Don’t worry – this post will not tell you what products to buy and/or use for your skin. I cant imagine how much money you must have spent on products that have not healed you yet. I come from a family where we have used natural home remedies (most are ayurvedic) that have kept our skin spotless for generations. While the pollution content has obviously increased multiple folds over the last few years, yet these home-made packs that are easily made or available in your kitchen – can work miracles to heal your sensitive skin. We have a list of products which are safe to use on sensitive skin.