Whether it’s a relationship, friendship or a marriage – you choose to commit your loyalties to someone, share experiences with them and be a part of a journey together. You get into the relationship based on common grounds, similar likes and dislikes, similar traditions or values, similar thought processes. Essentially the fundamentals and wavelengths need to match and most importantly there needs to be trust as a basic foundation. We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all been bitten once, twice shy, but if we can manage to put the baggage of our past experiences and hurts aside and jump into the new relationship with all our faith, then the relationship is bound to grow.

But what happens when something once so beautiful and fulfilling changes into something so toxic that we’re stuck in a rut and our souls and hearts ache but we lose the courage to fight or flight that we’re left feeling miserable at the least. We’re hoping against all odds that things go back to how they were, or that things get better, giving in all the time, until we lose sight of who we are.

Often, falling in love is a savior but too much of it can be crippling. If you’re experience any or all of these 5 signs it is time to ask for help.

The question is, FIGHT or FLIGHT?

Here’s the 5 signs: