5. Feeling dazed and lost – Stressful days keep your brain’s stress response system turned on almost nonstop. It dumps stress hormones into the blood system, which in turn accelerates heart rate and respiration.  This system uses a lot of energy and can make us feel exhausted by the end of the day. People tend to isolate when they’re chronically stressed, but this can make stress even harder to cope with. Stress causes memory lapse, attention issues, and hinders your higher brain’s ability to plan and execute.


If you or your loved one is presenting these tell-tale signs then it’s about time you plan a nice get away either to the beach or the mountains, disconnected from the normality of life, be in a new surrounding and environment and refresh your energies and aura.

You will come back rejuvenated to take on your life with a fresh perspective and goals and be charged enough to start making the most of your today. Listen to your body and mind when they talk to you, they’re often communicated in the form of these signs when they’re overwhelmed and taxed and need a break. Be more attuned to understanding yourself. Slow down, before you have a panic or anxiety attack and it’s too late.