The destination/objective is not subservient to the journey and the process. You need to know that once you go through your journey, your highs and your lows, you will eventually come to a point when you have no other choice but to accept yourself with all your flaws, wins, remorse, respite, regrets, decisions, accomplishments and current status. You have to accept and embrace it all, and feel connected to everything that you call yours. Your life has been a bunch of decisions you made consciously and subconsciously.

There will come a time when you stop and focus on your reflection in the mirror and ask yourself that dreadful questions, ‘’Am I happy?”

Do you relate to your reflection, or are you muddled up with the image. You struggle to find reason, and then, you do…You find it, and you are momentarily released from your confusion. Momentarily? Why momentarily?

Because human beings are conditioned to want more.

So when you admit and accept that you might have wasted your years aimlessly bumping around from one place to another without any drive, reason and vision – eventually you start to accept who you are, and you lazily choose to continue to be that way. But trust me, there comes a point comes when you hit rock bottom and you realize the carousal never stops turning, the world doesn’t stop moving while you judged everyone who found their way. What a waste of your time right?