Most of us have stepped into the corporate world right after we graduated from our universities, and have been working throughout, sans sabbaticals. Either consistently in one firm, or have made a few job jumps with the rare privilege of a week/10 day break between the jobs. The only time you spend with yourself is in your commute in the train/bus/car, or the time you spend in the shower, or when you’re in bed tossing and turning and waiting for sleep.

On one hand you’re probably wishing you should’ve started your own business and been your own boss instead of stressing over growing up the corporate ladder, at least that way you’d have more time to yourself? But then you snap back into realizing you’re pretty content with the money you make, and the penthouse you live in. You’re content with your brand new car, but then you find yourself stuck in an endless traffic jam and you’re late for work – and now you’re wondering – What’s next?

”Onism – n. the awareness of how little of the world you’ll experience”

You’ve worked so hard on yourself over the years, learning the ropes of the corporate world, you’re at a place in your career where your hard work is paying off. But what are you doing to holistically evolve yourself, outside of your office avatar? What are you doing to avoid getting sucked into the rut of the rat race, before you lose yourself to it? It’s easy to go back home and laze in front of the TV. It’s easy to eat junk food and partake in mindless conversations. It’s easy to stop at the wine-shop ever so often….

This post is for those that are battling multiple dilemmas in their heads. Those people that are subconsciously sulking over fixed patterns and mundane routines. People that might be financially wealthy but can’t seem to really ‘enjoy’ their vacations without staring at their phones or their inboxes. People that might have realized that all they do is work. Nothing else.

If you work a 9-5 job and don’t necessarily do any physical work, but, the moment you reach home you feel ‘tired’ and you often wonder, why?  You’re bored of your endless routine. Find a solution…. The answer is simple – you need change.