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Millennials are juggling multiple balls, they’re taking decisions (big or small), they’re taxing their brains constantly because they want to work smart and not hard, they’re on 5th gear, and I am almost convinced that they’ve forgotten how to slow down. I am not necessarily saying they’re burnt out – but for the kids that started seeing life at the age of 18 years – come to their late 20s and are wondering what to do with their time?

Eg. Every Monday morning when we ask eachother what we did over the weekend – most of our answers would be ‘’lazed around and slept / ran so many errands that I have forgotten how the last 2 days went by.’’ Adulting is hard right? Especially right now in this 21st century.


While theoretically the millennials might take their annual vacations to exotic places,  upload fancy pictures, hang with celebrities, eat amazing Michelin star food, own pent-houses by the time they’re 30 – but if they really ask themselves whether their one leg is still at work while the other leg with the family at the vacation – I am sure they’ll be embarrassed and admit to atleast checking their inbox once ‘’when the notification automatically pops up – I cant help myself but check the mail’’.

How many of you genuinely SWITCH OFF when on a vacation? Without externalizing the issue and blaming your teams or managers, seriously ask yourself if your work place is really dependent on you and won’t be able to survive without you or are you generally used to the ‘’high’’ of being needed and depended upon?

Millennial suffer from anxiety at a much higher rate than generations that preceded them. I don’t mean to question the issues the previous generations went through nor do I want to berate the concept of depression and anxiety or any other psychosomatic disorder, but really, there’s a deeper reason why this generation is allowing themselves to juggle multiple balls, all at once.