Our professional environment exposes us to interact with different kinds of people day in and day out. The challenge begins when you have to work with someone who is unlike you. Identifying the difference between you and the other person is step 1 – but the main bit is finding a way to work around it. This requires patience and a whole lot of determination and humility.

Ego doesn’t only destroy you in the personal life, but can take a negative toll on you even professionally. Steer away from anger, resentment, disappointment and ego at your work place. The best CEO’s are those that not only propagate ‘’having their doors open’’ but genuinely sit on the floor and work with their team as opposed to staying locked in a glass cabin. Even if you’re a scion of a multi trillion dollar family – the charm of a great leader is when he / she develops a human touch with their employees.

Our society, nay, our generation, is way above autocratic leadership. That only makes the work environment hostile. So this article is not only for the leaders, but also for the subordinates, the managers, the officers – anyone and everyone who gets to interact with different people on a daily basis.

There are different kinds of gaps between people. Gaps that hinder your performance. Gaps that discourage you to go the extra mile. Gaps that are externally or internally caused. Gaps that are not good for your holistic growth and development. There are 4 kinds of such gaps you might face at work : gaps between yourself and other people (social distance), the present and the future (temporal distance), your physical location andfaraway places (spatial distance), or imagining something and experiencing it (experiential distance).


1-Social distance: Trying to negotiate on a deal / an offer? Trying to pitch the best idea to your client? Getting a vital development feedback from your manager? Explaining to a subordinate that they could’ve done a better job at the task? – These are important confrontational junctures in your professional career that can impact you in ways you might not realize. Some of us get naturally / instinctively awkward, some of us get egoistic, some of us get shy or emotional, while some of us can get cold and detached. What is the best way to bridge social distance?