What are abilities? Is it something we’re good at? Is it something we want to be good at? Is it something we learn from our mother’s womb? Is it something our teacher teaches us in school?

We live in a consumerism society. We live in a world where everyone is more bothered about their neighbor than their own self, even though they walk around putting on a ‘ I am selfish’ mask.

We may look different, we may have different cultures and beliefs, but ultimately we’re all prey to one doom of the worldly mechanics, and that’s running the rat race. A place where the best and the fastest man, invariably end up grabbing the biggest piece of the cake.


Are you able enough to survive or are you a victim of the ill-fate of  having a ‘disability’?

I honestly believe that most of us spend A LOT of our time and energy, whining and crying over what we had and lost, what we didn’t have, and perhaps what we could never get. We question our own existence, skills, ability – we question our own strength, every time we lose a battle.

We look too deep, too intensely at all the places we fell, but what we should rather give our attention to are the places where we slipped (and ‘almost’ fell).

What happens, happens for a reason, and as much as we wouldn’t believe that, the universe really does have a plan for all of us. ‘We attract obstacles that we need to overcome’. If you cannot comply, at least listen. Take some form of knowledge from them. be kind be gentle. When problems or ill fortune comes your way, you must endure it, you must fight it, because the light of morning decomposes everything.



‘’I cant see but my husband makes sure he holds my hand when we cross the road, just like he did when we first met. I cant see his face but that’s alright, I remember his pretty face, his smile, his eyes. I fell in love with his soul, his silence, and his voice.

He still kisses me, and I’m thankful everyday. I cant see, but everyday, I sleep knowing I have another day to breathe.’’



‘’ I lost my legs in an accident a year ago. It took me a while for it to sink into my head, that I couldn’t ever walk again. It was a year ago when my friends and I recklessly took a risk to drink and drive back home. The blur of youth decided to dim my conscience. The lights from the truck flashed before my eyes, and I woke up without any feet. It was almost like I died a little. On the inside, perhaps. I was depressed, I was heartbroken, I was lonely, I wondered why I survived.

Then I was told, that theres reason. Since then, ive been looking for it, everyday. I know ill find it, ill see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this time around, it wont blind my vision. Its hard to stay alive and stay strong. Its hard not to hold on, put im too young to give up. I may never walk again, but im still breathing.’’


In sign language: ‘’ I was born dumb. I am dumb. Everybody calls me dumb. Because they cant hear my voice. They cant hear me speak, and express from my voice. I cant speak. I only convey through signs from my hand, and with my eyes. Most aren’t able enough to read my eyes, and most don’t even know how to understand the signs. I am disabled, and I cant talk to everyone, even if I wanted to. I fall in love with beautiful girls, I want to have a conversation with them like the others do, but I cant.

And which beautiful girl wants to stare are a dumb person signing. Im dumb and I am dumb. People think im stupid, but they don’t know that I know more than them. someday I will meet a girl that will have the patience to stand next to me, and try to know me, in unconventional ways. Someday I wil feel feelings that ‘normal’ people feel. Im not hopeful, im absolutely sure that that time will come. Till then, ill sign my way through life.”


‘’ I flunked all my exams since I was put into elementary school. I loved biology and English, but my teachers couldn’t understand my handwriting. Aparenty my alphabets were always mis-shaped or written upside down. My peers made fun of me. I sat alone in class and never had a true friend. It was only until I reached my grade 10 and my principal didn’t allow me to give my final board exams. She said my chances to fail were very high, and it was beneath the school to have below 100% pass students. I went to the councellors and they got me checked. Apparently I was dyslexic and had attention deficiency. My oral exam results were phenomenal. They said I was very artistic and creative. There was a reason I struggled with books for 10 years.

I had jitters before every exam, and tears when I saw an F on my report card. I felt helpless and dejected from a very early age in life. My parents always wondered what went wrong with me. I wanted to make them proud of me, so I would only play the violin everyday. The sound of the violin has always empathized with my feeling. When  I was diagnosed with dyslexia, I put forth my medical reports on my principals desk, after which I was granted special guidance while writing my papers. School organized for a writer to whom I would dictate the answers and she would write my papers for me. I studied with all my energy that year, because I knew this was the time I had to prove my ‘intelligence’. I passed with distinction, and I now take violin classes at home. I get paid enough to buy myself happiness. That’s all I could’ve asked for.’’


There are a million people living in our world. We all have our own stories to tell. The numbers of years that we have survived and sustained ourselves on this planet, means nothing without our story.

We’ve grown up, matured, moulded and altered ourselves because of our own stories. The hardships and challenges that we’ve faced have only made us stronger. The people we’ve met have made us feel more connected and less alone.

This worlds web works in mysterious ways.

Every day has a night and every night has a day. When you’re hurting today, stay with your loved ones, and if you don’t have any, then you must man up and hold your own hand. We’re all alone here. We’re all by ourselves here. But we’re all alone, together. The key to survival is a strong will power. The key to survival is the positive voice in your head that always reminds you that you have to move on.

Something out there is worth fighting for.

You don’t know what it is, and you  cannot measure the intangibles. All you need to know is, that whatever it is that you are walking towards, whatever it is that you’re fighting for, is going to be worth the wait. In the end of the day, the fact that you’re still breathing here, is reason enough to celebrate. Because life isn’t all night and all day. It’s a bittersweet balance.

The balance is what makes our story beautiful.