You’re a grown up man, mothers have raised you right, but you dont believe in love and magic as much as girls do. You make fun of them you laugh at them for believing in prince charmings and knights with shining armors. Truth be told – we only make jokes about things that we dont understand. So we cannot even blame you. Let’s go out on a limb here and blame Walt Disney. Why? Because there’s no fairy tale of men!

If you’re a mother reading this, you know it is easy to condition your daughters into believing in fairy tales (no matter how dreamy and almost unreal it is in today’s day and age) – but what about your sons? You tell your daughters about the stories of cinderella and snow-white; where no evil witch or step-siblings can stop a woman to create her own magic and meet their destiny and happy ending – which in most cases is with or because of a rich and stunningly strong prince. Frankly, this ruined the concept of reality and love for most women whose expectation went through the roof and ultimately just wanted to be coddled and saved, hoping for their lives to magically turn into royalty.

Having said that, one cannot fight the system, and I dont mean to berate any fairy tale, i love the stories in which princesses were rebels and followed their dreams. I’ll even admit that i will be one among the flock to tell my daughter stories from all these fairy tales and ensure she nurtures her naivety and is filled with dreams, hopes and beliefs. And when the time comes, i’ll help her through life, teaching her to find a balance with reality and dreams, without sabotaging her hopeful and dreamy side, ill ensure she makes all her dreams a reality. I’ll ensure her bubble doesnt burst on her face when the frog she bites jumps out of her hands and disappears. I’ll make sure she is strong and positive and that she believes in herself and her dreams. That’s on me.