There is the amazing feeling. It pops up from under your skin and gives you goosebumps. It’s when you’re at the edge. When you can hear your own breath, and your beating heart, inside your mouth. When you look back and you see flashbacks of a journey. You realize this is the moment when it all ends and it all begins at the exact same time. You sigh, and you wipe a tear off your eye. You’re overwhelmed. You don’t know, and yet you know. It’s an indescribable feeling, so beautiful you don’t want to ruin it by overthinking it. So you soak yourself in it. For a second or two. Then you see a tornado coming towards you. And it’s coming closer. So you close your eye, hope that by not looking in its way it might magically disappear…

Why is it that in our happiness moment, we manage to feel miserable too? Maybe we feel scared and sad, because we know nothing lasts forever, so this happy moment will vanish soon enough. It’s it horrible, how this happens to us? The paradox of duality.

Suddenly when you’re happy, ecstatic, relieved, overwhelmed – Thoughts come raging in like the gushing wind above a gigantic wave. You almost cringe at the thought of drowning. You snap yourself out of it and you open your eyes. There are times when you know you’ve come a long way and this is that moment that you waited for. Or, strangely even if you didn’t wait for this moment now that you’re here you feel like you did. And that feeling of feeling like you fit, and you’re finally connected to everything around, is so goddamn liberating. You feel invincible. You feel like a journey of one kind finally ends. You feel stronger. You feel content. You want to hold on to this moment forever.