Most organizations thrive to be on top of the list to be known or considered as a ‘’Great place to work’’. The better a work place you are the more easy it is to attract  top talent to work for you.

Where the teams are co-operative and supportive. Everyone works towards common agendas. Everyone has your back. Your work doesn’t pile up when you’re sick or on a vacation. You have your team covering up for you. Your manager doesn’t throw you under the bus or set you up for failure.

Your managers double-hat as mentors who genuinely know you, your skills and potential and are with you 100% in your journey of development and success.

The era today is that of a ‘’work life balance’’. We have organizations that re-invent the wheel, have break through innovations, think out of the box, challenge norms and stereotypes – and make their employees feel intrigued by their giant leaps of faith in the world of engagement. Right from fun at work, to funky offices, to unlimited holiday leave policies, to 6 months maternity/paternity leaves, sponsored sabbaticals etc etc. There’s so much more opportunity to engage employees and make them happy, beyond just ‘’casual Fridays’.


There’s an organization that makes it mandatory for this out of office message to come on whenever the employee is out of office :


You’ve reached xyz and he/she is out of office. Your message will hence be deleted.We do not intend to disturb them. Imagine being disturbed with work on your holiday? We suggest you email them once they’re back.

Have a great day champ!

Whether it’s the CEO/Management/Staff – this out of office message is set by default. This company takes pride in keeping their employees happy. They have the employee desks elevate into the ceiling everyday post 5pm. This forces the employees to stop working! They then turn the employee work-space into a yoga/dance room. They force the employees to disconnect from work. They make them go on nature trails and get-aways at the end of a project delivery.

Organizations have to up their game on ”TOUGH LOVE” – Employees these days are working hard and smart that they do not settle for free food anymore. They deserve more than that.


Here’s the crux – organizations have finally realized that more and more people are leaning towards finding their true purpose in life and taking the risks and leap of faith to actually pursue their dreams.

What stops us from quitting our jobs tomorrow and doing what we love?

If I can follow my dream, my manager is understanding, and moreover if my organization is both cognizant and supportive of me genuinely being happy, they dangle the carrot of my dream in front of my eyes, and support me to pursue it.

Employers these days cannot afford to have their employees be unhappy. It is their mission to ensure that employees work in an environment that nurtures them and gives them the opportunity to hone their potential and skills to maximize on the best outcomes.

An employee spends over 10 hours at work these days. As much as you might despise it your colleagues become family. They end up knowing you more than your friends who might not get to see you as often. Even if you’re one of those that has the ‘’work mask’’ on, at some point you will notice yourself blending in and genuinely learning to lean on your colleagues and amicably work with them. After all you all have common goals.

So before you join an organization or team, make sure you do enough research to check on the team happiness quotient. The work-culture, the supportive and nurturing environment, the manager’s working style, the work ethic, work policies and the values of the organization.

An organization that respects and values your presence and makes you feel like you’re contributing to the larger goal and vision of the organization – is an organization worth choosing.

Money, stock options, fancy designations do not cut it for a millennial to be happy at work.