People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves.

Keep yourself away from shallow people. If someone doesn’t add value in your life, if they do not have anything to teach you, change about you, give you feedback or better your life, then you do not need those energies in your life anymore. Keep them at bay. Your life mustnt circle around their point of views. Free yourself from that.

Most people do not see their own rigid beliefs. Instead their beliefs tell them what they see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion. If your conscience is clear and you do not have any venom in your heart, your words will mean well in good times and bad. But if you are rigid, life will break you and make you see a mirror so that you can pick up the pieces and try to find a new, grown and mature version of yourself.

It is healthy to fall, it is healthy to pick yourself up and learn from the mistakes. It is important to know how to apologise. Saying sorry doesnt make you small, infact it makes you bigger. There is a selfish angle to apologizing too. It is important to know the art of acceptance and to believe in your conscience, karma and do the right thing without judgements. It is important to believe in humanity, remain positive and genuinely give someone the benefit of the doubt. It is important to stay grounded and burst your own bubbles before the world bursts them for you.

Have an expansive thought process and believe in the universe and all it’s abundant glory.

So look in the mirror, think of what you see and accept and love what you see. Be supportive, gentle and kind to yourself and those around you. Look around you, be consumed with gratification. The next time someone asks you how you are, you shouldnt have an answer that says anything less than ” I’m happy”. If it’s not the answer, introspect. The world is your playground, savor your moments and find your answers, they’re all there. You can heal your own self, you do not need anyone.