The world woke up to the news of Chester Bennington committing suicide on Chris Cornell’s birthday. We all remember the heart-warming ode of a song he song on Chris‘s funeral – Hallelujah… ”But you don’t really care for music do you?”

Celebrities come into our lives through television, social media, smartphones, and newspapers, and tend to become a source of comfort and idealization for many of their fans.

It breaks our hearts to see people we look up to give up on life. Why? They have everything we dream of. Money, name, fame. They have a fan following in millions. Please laugh with them people cry with them. Then what is the reason for them to still feel so alone? Still feel so numb?

A couple of months ago Katy Perry released a Youtube video of her therapy session with Dr Siri Singh. We all saw a vulnerable side of a famous celebrity and it made us relate to her and humanize with her. She spoke about a lot of issues that always and almost repeatedly come to the forefront whenever we hear of celebrities sink into the vortex of depression, addition or suicide.

Here’s 3 reasons why celebrities take to killing themselves to end their tyranny: