Someone you trusted and loved had left you. For whatever unfortunate reason they are not who you thought they are, and have left you hanging by a thread, surviving all alone, barely breathing but still hoping that this was all a dream.

You are sad, you are grieving, but most importantly you are angry and you resent the person. You resent your luck, the universe, God, your parents, teachers – just about anyone you can blame and be angry at, you resent everyone.

If you feel pain and frustration, if you feel angry and helpless – just realize that you have no control you cannot foresee the future, you cannot predict what others will do, you cannot control anything.

And not being able to control, save, or fix our people or our issues can make us feel helpless. And this helplessness translates into anger. This is normal. You just need to let it out. You need to find healthy ways to do that.

You got dealt a wrong card, so what? Such is life. Making yourself angry and increasing your blood pressure to a boiling point will not bring back what you have lost. You won’t realize this when I say it verbatim, but you realize then when you scream on top of your voice or when you smack the mirror and break it into pieces. The shards will hurt you, you will feel physical pain. You will cry, but eventually you need to realize, it will not take you back in time. You need to swallow the feeling. Even if you have that big nasty lump in your throat. You will have to bring yourself to a point when you tire of being angry, because it brings no positive result.

So here’s the deal – while nothing external is in your control, everything that happens within you is in your control. So the point is, manage your ability to DEAL with things. You cant always resort to being angry and upset. This feeling you feel is not pushing the reverse button, you dont get what you lost, instead you only continue toiling in the pain of the past. Release yourself from the burden of this pain.

Let it go. Everything that happens happens for a reason. There is a lesson to learn behind every mistake, heart-break, damage, disappointment and loss.

I know that’s hard. But you have to learn to let go of the anger, because it doesnt just hurt the one you spew venomous words at, but it is also hurting you. You need to go for a run, or cry, do whatever it takes to let go of the anger. Dont ruin your karma just because you allowed someone else to get under your skin. Control your impulse to be hurtful and mean, follow these 5 quintessential must-dos.

  1. Anger is an emotion that can be controlled.
  2. Stop yourself from having knee jerk reactions.
  3. If you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.
  4. Treat people how you would like to be treated – Karma is real.
  5. Let it go. When you are releasing yourself from anger, you go beyond sorrow.

”Holding on to anger is like grasping hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, you are the one who is getting burned.” Remember, we only get angry for the wrong reasons – we’re either blaming someone, we are jealous, our expectation is not equal to reality or we are generally unhappy. When you get angry – introspect and diagnose the reason behind your temper. You probably have a void in you, and it is asking for attention – dont disregard it’s calling by choosing to fill it with anger.. Heal yourself and fill the void, love yourself, accept yourself, you will automatically be at peace with yourself and accept people.