No parent will ever claim to know what they’re doing, or to be sure that they got it right. But if you’re not a parent who is giving their child ”enough” love (not more, not less) where they can discover themselves and always have great values instilled keeping them healthy and strong – then you can use help of this list.

  1. Praise your kids, for efforts at least if they do not win.

If positive reinforcement can work wonders with the morale of adults then it can do a lot more with tender minds. Children are creating their foundation, with themselves, their families, their values, their faith and with humanity. Crushing their zeal can not only affect their enthusiasm but can instill a lot of fears in them, that they give up even before they try. Children are a ball of curiosity, and to fuel that fire parents must always push them towards trying new things, if they succeed then they should be applauded, but if they do not succeed they should be applauded nonetheless and reminded of everything they learnt.

2. Raise honest kids.

Your children must not be afraid of confessing their mistakes to you. They should not live in fear of failure. Yes you can let them know you are disappointed but that needs to be channelized to being able to perform better next time and trying harder. They need to be able to confide in you and tell you everything that bothers them so that you can help them deal with it. Whether its a bad dream, a fight with a friend or any other thought of feeling that troubles them.

3. Instill values and manners in the children.

The importance of decorum needs to be taught to a child. If you cannot teach them send them to grooming schools or make them read educational books where they learn the ”Golden words” like Sorry, Thank – you and Please. It is also important for children to believe in values like honesty, hard – work, respect, trust and love.

4. Gratitude

Before your kids go to bed, make them Thank the universe for whatever they have. Make them look back at their day and tell you everything GOOD that happened in the day. This habit will make themĀ  instill positivity and gratification in their lives. If they have had a bad day, that can be turned around on it’s head by making them realize what they still have at the end of the day, and how tomorrow will be a brand new day at doing better.