As kids we experience getting attached to things. Our favorite blanky, our favorite soft toy, our favorite dress, our bibs, our shoes, our bags etc.  As we grow older, this feeling of attachment converts into possessiveness. MY pen, MY friend, MY pets, MY parents. Everything is Mine! Then come the adolescent years when we start becoming sensitive and we start trying to understand our feelings. We may lose our favourite things, but we learn to accept the loss of those things, because we move on and find other things to hold on to.

When we get sensitive, we start to get emotionally attached to things and people we see in our everyday. Once we become young adults, the concept of love and attachment becomes much more intangible. You don’t know how and when it hits you, but you experience all these wonderful feelings when you’re around someone you like. Birds of a feather flock together, and more often than not, they fly away together too.


They can get used to a pattern, and breaking out of a pattern you are used to is not easy, no matter how old you are. Isn’t love a warm and fuzzy feeling?

It sinks in a sense of security that fills in your void and puts you in a trance. You won’t realize you’re in the trance, until you have to come out of it. When you lose what you love so fondly, ‘’reality’’ creeps up on you and scares the living daylight out of you. It’s when you have lost the feeling of security and you feel weak in the knees.