Our thoughts and feelings create our life.

It is important for us to know who we are, to understand and comprehend our thoughts, and be conscious about the change, improvement and goals we want in our lives. We control our thoughts, we control our life and we control our destiny. We must shape our thoughts in order to attain a positively evolved thought process that can make us dream bigger and bigger everyday. If we force ourselves to face these dreams and vision, it will be easier to incorporate changes into our life, as they serve as gentle ”in-your-face” reminders of where we want to be in our tomorrow.



We have grown up by observing, asking questions, being confused and intrigued by whatever is around us. In the beginning we’re told what to do, we’re told what is right and what is wrong. We’re taught manners, values, tradition. As we grow older, we start to develop a mind of our own. 

We either rebel, we oblige, we succumb or fade away.

It is important for us to know who we are. what we like, what we dislike, what are our dreams, needs, wants, desires and ambitions. It is important for us to look forward and not wallow in the past. Its important for us to get go of baggages and strip ourselves off judgements and pre-conceived notions.

So a vision board is quintessential and something that you need to start making right now is because :

1- You need to know what you like and what you dislike

2- You need to KNOW what your dreams are and remember your goals and what you work towards every second of every day. It keeps you excited and filled with energy from time time you wake up.