The power is in the palm of your hands. Nope, I am not a palm reader. But I can predict your destiny. I can remind you of your brilliance. I can tell you that we are ALL in the same boat. We all have problems and obstacles that we’re trying to overcome- we’re not alone – we’re all in this together.

And what else do we all have in common? Our fingers!

Picture yourself on a beach- your feet in the sand. Your hair humid and salty. Your eyes watery and relaxed. You hear the waves ripple and hit the shores, you hear the water roar. But you find peace in the moment. In the sounds of the roaring. You try to capture the moment. You hold on to sand real tight in the palm of your hands, but the tighter you hold it the more it slips out of your hand. You’re so consumed with trapping the moment that you forget to enjoy it.

Life can be like that. Sometimes you just want to take photographs and upload it on social networks – you just want to let every one know you had a ’’great time’’. We can be so consumed by caring about what people’s perception of us is, that we forget to enjoy the moment. I wish I could ask you to put your phones down and really just take a dip in the ocean without wanting to tell the world about it. I wish that it is just a personal and intimate journey for you, and not something to post on walls. I truly believe we make our own lives complicated, and we ourselves have the blessing to simplify it too!

So do me a favor, every time you feel lackluster, low, depressed and helpless, just look at your fingers and remember that YOU have the power in you to overcome any obstacle. One finger at a time.

Read up to look at the magic in all your fingers!