Have you ever felt handicapped? You cannot function anymore. Your mind doesnt work. In the middle of a very busy day and life, when you have everything set up fine, working on auto-pilot, yet something is amiss and you cannot find it in you to move. You know what you’re supposed to be doing next, but you just cannot get yourself to lift a finger. You’re frozen. You cannot move.

Isn’t that a frustrating feeling? Feeling so consumed by limitations you build in your own head that you cannot seem to shake it off and move on with your life. Your body feels locked. Your mind goes in different directions. Mostly travels on negative tangents.

Here’s 4 reasons you lost your mojo!

You probably didn’t even know it so you end up spending / wasting your day sulking. But if you’re a busy bee and have lots of work to do, then check this list and figure if you have any of these things to tackle to be able to fix your mood asap.