1. You need to take a shit – Literally

Believe it or not, sometimes, nay, most of the times the reason why you feel like shit is because you have not taken a shit. You’re constipated and have a horrible head ache. You’re grumpy. There’s toxins in your body waiting to be flushed out but you have not given your body enough fibre to push down the waste. So you’re left feel bloated, irritated and fatigued.

Drink some water, eat a banana and take that impending dump.

You will feel lighter and all the gasses stored in your body will be released.

Make sure you take your morning dumps every morning, because your small intestine and colon process all the food you ate the day before as you sleep. By the time you wake up, your body’s ready to drop a load. Get rid of the toxins and truly feel ”awake” so you can seize the day without letting go of gas or feeling awkward and helpless at work.