After staring at a monitor for hours on end, have your eyes ever felt dry, itchy or irritated? Has your vision become blurry, or have you even seen double? Has your head begun to pound because of all the squinting and straining?

Phone, laptop, desktop, ipad, TV…. haven’t your eyes been strained enough already? You’ve shifted from one gadget to another. The only time you’re off these gadgets is hopefully when you’re driving, showering or sleeping.

Blink rates are reduced when staring at a computer screen or other digital device, and this can make your eyes burn, dry out, turn red or feel itchy.

Apart from the strain on your eyes, your neck and shoulder begin to hurt too because of your posture to stare downward at your phone. This causes a strain to your neck muscles and leaves you with a very uncomfortable feeling.

You must take 15-20 minute breaks and do basic eye exercises to make your eye muscles stronger and ensure that you blink a few times and stare at the world around you. Disconnect from your devices when you eat or drink. Make sure you look at people in their eyes when you talk to them and are not sucked into the vortex of the digital world.