1-What are my values? What do we love, respect, appreciate in others? What do we appreciate in ourselves? Think about your vision – What resonates with our vision and can help us get there with ease and seamlessness?

Example: I have a vision to be successful – but having integrity is also important to me, it resonates with my consciene – so I am consciously aware I will choose to be righteous in my path to attain success.

Example: I absolutely loathe cheaters and dishonest people. According to me, omission is betrayal too but that can be discussed later- for now, I am identifying with what I dislike and what I cannot bring myself to tolerate- it doesn’t echo with the principles of my soul thereby making me realize the intensity and deal – breaker quotient of my values. Sometimes knowing what you don’t like can also help you know your values. Honesty and trust are one of my values.

Now think about the attributes and adjectives that are your top 5. Write this down. Remember it.

This is your foundation.