3-What do I want? Now once you’re on your journey to knowing yourself (and please don’t rush through this process, because it is a very special process, enjoy it, embrace it, take your time) then I’d say focus on the values and needs first.

Take some time to bask in the glory of knowing that. Take come time to get used to discovering your foundation and your need. You will notice, once you make the 1st two lists you would have automatically gotten a lot of clarity w.r.t envisioning your future. You will know your goals, your desires, your passions.

Write down your wants. Let this be the smallest list! If you have a long-list, then there is an error. Abort mission!!

Just kidding, if you have a long list, it just means you have rushed through your 1st two lists – and you are not accepting, proud, gratified with yourself. You might realize you have a lot to work on. And realizing that, is reason enough to celebrate.


A common denominator that unites all of us under one huge umbrella is the desire of money, fame, success, a real relationship, peace and happiness. If this is on your list, then great! All you have to do it work towards that. But if you are incomplete and chasing on these desires and confusing them with needs, and are just trying to fill your void /insecurities – then you will never find what you want. You’ll just be the dog, that is trying to chase their own tail.