Before you begin reading this, the most important and underlying fact or solution to ANY problem is to first realize, believe and be 100% convinced that everything, EVERYTHING, has a solution. It is quintessential for us to consciously condition our minds to have a ‘solution oriented’ thought process. Just having this mind-set will be a big win in itself.

Secondly, it is important to realize, that no matter what the problem is, there was a time when the problem didn’t exist i.e either the system, process, relationship, experience, product, structure etc it worked. Even if there are inefficiencies, or problems right now, there was a time when the job was done. So remember that time, do not forget it. There are always parts of the system that gets the job done.

When people try to solve the problems and inefficiencies of their previously working systems; they often go at it from a negative point of view, completely forgetting the times when they had either created or experienced a seamless system or has overcome such a problem in the past or had the ability or means to derive a solution to the given problem.

Basically, it is almost as if their brain freezes, and the moment anything goes array they get into panic / discomfort mode, sulking due to the existence of problem.

They completely forget to state clearly to themselves – What is “wrong” and how they can “fix” it. Hence it is important for me to tell you what you already know – Positive reinforcement in problem solving.