When therapy/drugs/medicines/distractions don’t help – What can beat depression?

What do you do if someone you love needs help but you cannot get through to them? If you desperately want to reach out to them and yell at them, talk/scream senses into their head, reason with them, hear them out, ask them how they feel, tell them you can hear them, indulge in a dialog – how do you get across and do all of that if these same people have instead, completely ghosted you out?

Inspite of being in the same room as you,  you know they have left the building. They can see you, hear you, but do not register anything you say. They have completely shut off, disconnected, and given up. What do you do when you know it’s too late and you are of NO help? Can you imagine how frustrating it can be for someone who desperately wants to hold on, help and bring back a person back to life. They want this loved one to smile again, to laugh again. But this person is just so cut off, so convinced that their life is deadbeat and nothing / no one can change it. They’re so convinced that no one can save them, not even themselves, so best is just to give up. And not even try.

Can you imagine what it’s like for 2 people to sit in a room, both on the opposite sides of a spectrum – with terrifyingly different point of views. One trying to hold on, trying to overcome anxiety that is testing their patience and trying to reach out to the other person, who is just so lost, so upset, so dull, so dark, so dejected with anything and everything life has to offer. It’s a horrible vortex, and that’s the epitome of ”feeling trapped”. What’s worse – not being able to save someone who needs it or not wanting to be saved?

.. you’re free – you can do whatever you want, but your mind clutches on to dark walls. Your mind closes it’s eyes to life, humanity, loved ones, self respect, dreams, hopes, desires – closes it’s eyes real hard and so tight, yet at the same time has the audacity to tell itself that life is actually a dark dark place and the sun has set forever.. Look at the irony in that. It makes me laugh, and cry at the same time. I mean goddamit, you’re closing your eyes and you have the gall to blame LIFE?