So what do you do? You try to talk senses into them – they wont listen. You try to show them the light at the end of the tunnel – they wont want to see it. You try to make a song and dance about life – they wont play along. What-do-you-do?

The answer is simple: Be in the same room as them. No therapy, no medicine, no drug, nothing can work as much as a hug can. Hold their hand, cry with them. Bring an emotion out of them. Even if it’s anger, even if it’s tears. Try to make them vulnerable. They’re just so hardened up right now it’s only because their mind has become their handicap. You need to break those clutches they built around their own self. You need to hold their hand. You need to hug them. You need to shut up, and sit there, dont say a word, dont preach wise talk, dont show them inspirational movies, just dont say anything. You need to wait, till they finish crying, you need to give them silence, and love.

Sometimes when the last tear has rolled down the cheek and you have no more tears to give, is when you sigh your last breathe with a sense of relief and you realize you need to wipe yourself and move on.

It’s okay to cry! It’s okay to get down on your knees. It’s okay to ask for a hug. It’s okay to just not expect anyone to say anything, nor expect you to say anything. It’s okay for silence to exist between two souls that are just trying to be. We all have to deal with our own issues, and we’re all alone, trying to beat our minds. But as alone as we are in our independent journeys, at the end of the day we are all in it together. Life has strange ways of playing tricks with our head, our minds have to over come the stubborn naivety of itself.

We need to challenge our own negative thoughts and grab the bull by it’s horns to beat it. The problem is – the wisest people can give up too – they KNOW it’s just a phase, but they just dont have the will power to stick around any more – and that’s why i emphasize over and over again – please, just hold their hand, hug them, be with them, physically, mentally, emotionally if you think they’re drifting away.

Don’t rely on the helpline numbers, chances are they will NOT call anyone because they do not want to talk to anyone nor do they know what they want to say – so just hug them, hold them, for as long as it takes, before it’s too late.