• Mediation – I am an advocate of meditation changing your life – having said that, if you can team mediation with sessions of visualizations and affirmations, this can help you attract what you want. When you meditate you ensure there are no distractions and nothing stops you from meeting your goal.Mediation not only reduces stress but also ensures healthy lifestyle and mind-sets. You wake up and sleep on time. Visualizations are important because they send a clear message to the universe with regards to your desire. Affirmations are statements where you re-instate your expectation and belief in the universe. ”I am beautiful – I have a healthy, illness-free, radiant body.” Writing this or saying this a few times in the day, helps with self-love and ensures you continue working towards your goal to ensure the affirmation comes true.
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    it’s important to holistically work out. Your mind needs to want it, desire it, visualize it – your body needs to work for it – your schedule needs to allow it. All the forces need to combine to make sure you can achieve your goal. It is not difficult provided you stay focussed and follow this simple list.

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