• Ego and temper: There are a lot of people out there that are on their own trip. There is a fine line between self-respect/esteem and egotism. There are many people out there that can be high of their own achievements and strengths that they are totally blind-sided by their weakness and area of development. In fact, they are almost sure of the latter being non- existential. God forbid you bring up their flaws, you will bear the brunt of their wrath. These people will always look down on everyone else. They will judge everyone else, point fingers, ridicule, abuse and snarl at others and their mistakes. It takes too much for them to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. It’s great while they wine and dine you and floor you with their confidence, but only after spending some time with them you realize that they’re actually just over-confident and living in their own little bubble totally oblivious to the people around them. It might be a bit too late for you if you’re neck deep in a relationship with them, and they might not think anything of you. This is so toxic for your self-worth and esteem because the last thing you want is for someone to make you feel bad about themselves just because they want to feel good about themselves.
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