• Insecurity and trust: This is a whole other point on it’s own. While many people have many voids in them that they try to fill hopefully with positive habits, there are some that have a void because of their horrifying past experiences that they have endless pre-conceived notions and they cannot bring themselves to trust anyone. If someone bring their own insecurity in the forefront of your relationship and finds a way to constantly berate you for your past mistakes or their past experiences then these people are not mature to handle, develop or nurture long-term relationships. We all know that it is quintessential for any relationship to work there needs to be trust and maturity to deal with it. If they behave like imbeciles constantly rubbing your / their insecurities on your face and not working towards constructive development or course correction then they’re not mature individuals and the last thing you want is to parent someone else through recovery and development who doesn’t even want to fix themselves.
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