Remember – in life, no one has the right to make you feel like shit. There can be people who fall terribly in love with and you might think they’re your angels or knights who are saving you from all bad things in the world –  but if these people do not respect, trust and accept you for who you are, then these people never had your back in the 1st place and, they never will in the future. So don’t ever feel pressured to change yourself and ache for their approval – they need to love you for you. No one is perfect, there needs to be love monopolizing all other faults and mistakes, only then can a relationship be long-term or permanent.

The positive from bad relationships is that you can be clear about your wants v/s your needs. Your deal-breakers and what you can adjust on. You learn a lot about yourself from bad relationships and most importantly you learn to never ever make someone else feel the way you did.

So rub your eyes, stop crying, wash your face, and fix your life.

Your happiness is your responsibility, not someone else’s.