The prelude to this article is obviously making a few basic assumptions. First being that you are marrying for all the right reasons – you heart is in the right place, you have your priorities in order, you are not being cornered or forced into making this life – long and life – altering commitment and that you genuinely want to and are looking forward to staying happily committed.

If you are looking for a partner,  just got engaged, in a relationship, happily married, unhappily married or just got married – then here’s the check list taken off the vault of happiest married couples, who are truly envy worthy. They don’t post their every-days on social networking sites, nor do they aspire to make their exes jealous or insecure just to prove a point – these guys are genuinely happy.


    1. Observation without judgement – build respect –notice all the wins instead of flaws even though noticing flaws might come naturally. Just spend your time observing them. Their habits, their routine, their preferences, their likes, dislikes, pet-peeves etc. Abstain from judging them or jumping to conclusions.
    2. Have peaceful conversations. Whether its over a nice meal or over a glass of wine. Make sure the tone of your conversation is not accusatory, instead a very calm and understanding approach where you basically just explain your point of view without any conflict arising; control the momentum and steer it in the direction of always being solution – oriented.  This makes it simple to conclude and make a decision. Most importantly, pick your battles.




3. Patience is key – Don’t expect them to be perfect, the disappointment of your expectation not being met with will lead to nagging and no one wants a nagger.. You might not like some of their habits, doesn’t mean you lose your temper and berate them or mock them. You both need to help each-other deal with change and adept to the new environment. If you don’t like something about them tell them nicely, ask them their point of view, if they’re willing to change then assure them that you will help them through it.