4. Make decisions together – There certainly is a novelty in setting up your house together, shopping together, cooking together, cleaning together. Make sure you balance each-other out and assign chores basis the person’s strength. This will happen with experimenting. If you are both bad at something, then learn together. If one is better at something than the other then teach it to the other person. That way you develop a very comfortable and conducive environment where there are no clashes. Make decisions together, right from what to eat to what to buy to how much to save etc etc. Include each-other in decisions so that it eventually everything is team work. Marriage is not about dependency, it’s about co-dependency. There is a difference.

5.Create healthy habits together and get used to them! – This one is my favorite. Whatever you decide to do in the 1st year is what you will get used to and it’ll become a habit. Make healthy habits – Cook meals together, early morning gym together, evening swim, join a class together, learn a language together etc. Find similar hobbies so you can creatively inspire each other.


Marriage isn’t as tough as they play it out to be. In fact it is a very comforting feeling knowing you have a best friend who you can love, cherish and treasure for the rest of your life. There will be tough days, and you will fight many battles, but never sleep without resolving your fight, never sleep angry. Whatever the case may be, no matter what the hurdle is, you will cross it, and you will cross it together. You fall in love, and you marry your lover, but the secret to a happy marriage is- choice, you choose to love them everyday, you choose to stick to your commitment and promise of staying in love everyday, you choose to cherish them and accept them everyday, that the sanctity of marriage and that’s what makes you stronger and stronger.