5.Take a break: This one’s for those that don’t go on holidays. Be responsible before you take a vacation – give your managers a prior heads up, delegate the important tasks to someone in your team, but manage your work in such a way that you can genuinely cut off for at least a week without staring at your phone and dreading the call from work. If you have consciously managed your calendar and your work, you’ll be surprised how cutting off from the ‘work mindset’ can make a difference to your productivity once you are back.

You’ll be surprised how on the second last day of your vacation, you actually might start to miss work. This is the way of recharging our draining battery and dive head first into work again.


I know this seems like something we already know, but are we really doing this or are we finding excuses instead? It might be about time you set personal Goals and KPIs.

I don’t meant to sound like a SHRINT,  but you don’t want to come to a point when you’re retiring from your career and there’s a huge party organized for you, and they ask you what’s your journey been like – and all you can think of saying is – ‘’Work. My journey has only been about work and paying bills. Nothing more, nothing less’’ and you expect an applause but you realize that that’s not the best way you could’ve lived your life.

So before you patronize yourself about working 24/7 – I urge you to follow this list. Even if you’re the only bread winner of the family and you have 10 mouths to feed, doesn’t mean you give up and sacrifice on spending at least an hour with yourself doing what you love. It’ll make your face glow, and your aura lighten up, and you’ll feel light in your head.

Save your mojo.