The endless choices millennials face have also proven paralyzing. They’re the constantly-swiping-right generation. It’s always on to the next thing. You might even question their ‘’last – mile execution’’ and commitment towards the 1st thing they pursue. Multi-tasking can be exhausting, compartmentalizing might prove to be better to prioritize but how do you prioritize?

Eg. You might have worked extremely hard the last year, and might have even met all your goals, but because of the performance management system in your organization and the bell curve, you might have been rated slightly lower than your colleague who might’ve had just a 0.5% delta increase in their performance over yours. That impacts your bonus, that impacts your promotion. It is not your fault, it is not your bosses fault. What do you do then? As much as you might brush this off over a few drinks and convince yourself to start over, any recurring patterns of demoralization, disengagement and disgruntlement causes anxiety at a subconscious level.


Let’s not even start to wonder what the college students might be going through where the top rankers are scoring 99% and cut – offs to all the good colleges are higher than the roof!

Eg. If you’re on sick leave /holiday and your managers cannot function without calling you for queries – consider having a serious chat with your manager and letting them know that their dependency on you causes unwarranted anxiety and unnecessary stress. If the matter isn’t solved for, consider partying ways.  (Even if you’re the CEO there’s ways to hand over your work to your level down and take those few days off to recover). You need to push back before you’re driven up against the wall. But for that you need to love your body and soul and value your own mental peace. You need to pick signs that your body and mind gives you.

Emotional Intelligence is KEY here – If you’ve always been sensitive, anxious and shy then you might as well decide that that’s the way you are. (Fixed mindset). But if you manage to really dig deep and figure out the stimuli / cause of your nervousness and anxiety that may be holding you back that’s when your self image and self conditioning will change. You might be pursue a doctorate a PHD, you might be a genius but if you fail to relate to your own emotions and the emotions of the ones around you – then you have a problem.


  1. Book your 2 weeks annual leave for the year well in advance and let everyone know you wouldn’t be accessible during that time. Do a brilliant hand-over so no-one would need to reach you in those 2 weeks. Similarly, step in for the people when they stepped in for you.
  2. Switch off your phone in the night before you sleep.
  3. Don’t allow yourself to stress over what can be managed without you. Trust others to handle things.
  4. Pick a sport / hobby so all your pent up emotions can have an outlet
  5. Spend time with your loved ones, ask them about their day and genuinely listen to them, meet your friends, laugh and have a good time. Love and laughter is unbelievable therapeutic.
  6. Release as many happy hormones as you can without intoxicants or taking pills
  7. Don’t clutter your environment, your desk, your room, your wardrobe – if your surroundings are clear your mind will be clear
  8. If you feel confused, make lists and tackle one problem/confusion at a time
  9. Yoga and meditation helps! Try it!
  10. Don’t be afraid to seek help from specialists – you might be a genius but you don’t have all the answers

There is nothing that millennials cannot handle, emotional pressure, work pressures, financial issues or family issues. The point is to pause, take a deep breath, prioritize and move ahead with a calm and happy mind. Beat stress, beat anxiety, beat depression. Brush the dust off your shoulders when you fall, laugh it off and walk ahead. Don’t allow confusion to supersede you. At the end of the day the fastest way to strengthen your inner resolve is to confront difficult situations, grab the bull by it’s horns without being intimidated (even if innately you are a person that scares easy), work hard on the core of your being. Nothing can make you grow faster than adversity. As all millennials believe – ”we are what we repeatedly do, excellence is then not an act, but a habit”. Is it time to re-think some of your habits and change them? Go figure.