Now, since my rant about the biased fairy tales is over – i’d like to roll into the point I was making about little boys needing their fairy tales too. I’ve realized, and you will realize this too, men too need a knight in shining armor. There is no difference between a man and a woman. We are finally in the era of feminism, and we need to be blessed to be here. Feminism doesn’t mean being pro-women or anti-men, it basically means treating both sides as one. So with that being said, lets ensure you teach your daughters to want to step up and save men too, and you teach your sons to ask to be saved when need be – and both can play the roles of knights and saviors when the situation demands it. That my friends, is the fairy tale ending of today’s day and age.

The moral of story is about values, respect, adjustment, unconditional love, determination, hard-work and strength of character.


  1. Maya is a daughter in Village A, Alex is the son in Village B. Both come from hard-working families where the father works 18 hours at a farm and the mothers managed the houses. Note – There’s no prince here, nor a princess.