• Maya’s father wins a lottery when Maya was born. This honestly is quite magical, the fact that they won. So they obviously move to Village C, which was cooler and better. Maya grows up and bumps into Alex – this is where we see their 1st interaction.
    ” They didnt just grow up. They were raised! They were taught to speak politely with every one. Say please, sorry and thank you – the golden words. They were taught to be extra kind to the elderly. Lend a helping hand to those in need. Not have to update status messages about it and impress anyone. Not seek validation and attention from anyone else. They were raised to love and accept people for who they are and not for selfish reasons. Most importantly – they were raised to treat people like they would want to be treated.”
  • Now she could be a total snob when she meets him, but contrary to how people assume wealthy people are – Maya was very grounded, modest, respectful and kind – towards everyone. It’s the upbringing and values that matter. ¬†She knew she wanted to treat people how she would like to be treated. Alex was a kind, respectful and hardworking boy – he had a lot of self-respect, confidence, and belief in himself.
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