• They were both from different worlds, but were very real and it was very easy to talk to them. They had no biases, no filters, no expectation and no baggage. They were both 18 – they met because her car broke down and he was the mechanic at a garage near by. He didnt take up his dads career / business of being a farmer because he discovered his passion and his love for cars since he was 5. You could say that he was, like most boys, obsessed with cars. His father was a good man, he supported his sons dream and ambition so he allowed him to work at a garage near by. Maya loved teaching. She was great at her studies, she loved hanging out with her friends, but she had this altruistic side to her where she wanted to always do good for people. ¬†She was raised to be whatever she wanted to be. Her father owned a lot of land, and he multiplied his earnings as he got into the mortgage business. He was a good man. He didnt care too much about profits, he was trusted and had good relations with all his customers. His values went down to his daughter too. Values and upbringing can really define the foundation of any person.
  • So when Alex and Maya met they could have a conversation with each other -They were paragraphs ahead of average conversation and normal discussions. They talked without any guards, they were able to talk about their dreams and ambitions. They opened up and trusted each other. Their intentions were clean. There was no hormones, just two friendly, open and honest people.
  • He fixed her car, they spoke, they laughed – lets fast forward from how friendship turned into love and what-not. They didnt need to be rebellious and fight against the world to get married. They assured their parents their heart is in the right place and they promise to be the best version of themselves and help eachother grow. Most importantly, they only seeked their parent’s blessings and nothing else.

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