• Maya and Alex worked really hard because they wanted to start their life from scratch – they didnt want any favors. Both had self-respect and self-esteem to ever take favors or burden their parents. Maya worked at a school, she loved it. Alex worked at a garage. They had a common dream. There was no lottery in the dream. There was only perseverance, determination and hard-work. Maya and Alex saved up for 5 years, without taking any honeymoons (tbh they had alot of minimoons and were super content with them! Lots of pics for their fb page and photo albums) and before you know it there was enough saved up for Alex to execute his business idea. Needless to say Maya’s contribution to the saving fund was more (as a teacher she got paid 40% more than him) but she had no ego, nor airs about her contribution. Infact, she really believed in Alex and his dream and would do anything to fuel his fire. The good thing was that he was supportive of her too, she went to teach abroad for a year because she had an amazing opportunity by her school principal and they were in a long distance. So both were a great support system to eachother.
  • Cut to –  a couple years later, lots of compromises and adjustments later – ensuring they meet half way through any altercation and not lose sight to their big goal – their dream that they dreamed together. Lots of hard work and determination put in – they finally had Alex’s car modification business booming and Maya was the principal of a school.
  • Truth is – Not only did Maya manage Alex’s anxiety and stress when he worked day in and day out to study about ever nut and bolt of a car, but Alex also trusted and supported Maya when she was far away from him making her dreams come true. He wasnt paranoid, insecure or over-possessive. It was the real kinda love. Not overbearing, but unbelievably strong.

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