• They ensured they got used to eachother and looked at the glass half full. They made memories and happy times. They picked up on good habits – like singing with animals and running around trees. Lol. They would spend time together – cooking, cleaning, hiking, dancing, singing. They were just keen to make beautiful and happy memories. It was a conscious effort and they made the choice everyday.

  • They didnt need to be ballers to be happy. Sure a couple of thousands of dollars more here and there might have allowed them to own more assets- but the souls living in those houses, eating the food would never change. They were authentic, grounded and real from the start to the end.

    Sure there were mood swings, fights – blood, sweat and tears – but they never slept on a fight, they never left each other’s side, they never let go. Their love was stronger than that. They promised to love each other forever, and they lived true to their word.


    They were knights for each other – they saved each other – and they lived happily ever after

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