Just when you think you’ve got is all in control, the lights go off. The ground beneath you starts to break open. The wind is tumultuous and it begins to swallow you. You have two options, fight or give in. So you try both. You begin to fight it. So oblivious to the fact that you’re only a little spec amidst the larger scheme of things. Your fight is powerless before mother nature. You look around and notice a lot of people fighting it along with you, and you see some bruised, wrinkled and forever lost.

You then fear that predicament and suddenly let go. You’re afraid of being bruised, hurt, wrinkled, old or forever lost. That’s where you give in. There’s lots you saw, experienced, witnessed and fathomed when the tornado hit you. But you want to not move, give in, and go with the flow. You don’t know how much time passes by but you come to a point when you it feels like forever.