The ‘coming out of the storm’ phase prolongs until long after the storm has gone. The fixing yourself up. The lifting up the baggage. The lost. The found. You remember it like it was yesterday, yet your body grows older and wiser and your face wrinkles and your shoulders cave in.

That’s when you realize that sometimes we push ourselves out of our own comfort zones, for the curiosity of the thrill. And on the other times storms hit us and force us out of our comfort zones.

When the former happens, we chase freshness, we chase new, almost longing for change. When the latter happens, we’re too used to the familiar, we’re safe we’re content, and that’s when we’re made to let go and experience the wonders of another place.

Either of the two things happen in your life, one after the other or in random order. So everytime you feel that you have butterflies in your stomach, and you feel oddly connected to your surroundings, know that change is coming your way. And after all these years, you realize that you need to live your life at the edge, filled with hope, trust, faith and belief. You’ve worked so hard to get here, so buckle up and jump. Don’t let them push you, jump! Because you know the view is going to be perfect.

So hear your heart beat in your mouth, let your skin give you goosebumps. The answers are around and within you. Do what you believe in, allow yourself to follow your instinct it will never leave you astray. Grabbing the bull by its horn every time it comes raging towards you is such a powerful feeling, it’s power almost sets you free. Change is good, change set’s you free.

Life takes a full circle when you allow it to change. You come back to the place you began, but you’re older, wiser, better and stronger than before.