2- Confused Identity

When you start to confuse your identity and are too consumed by what ”people” think or what they deem to be appropriate – you give others more and more control of your life. Before you know it your image consultant tells you how to behave, your stylist tells you what to wear, your publicist tells you what to say, you have your hair and make up done a bunch of times in the day – you turn into this ”product” that has to go about following the instructions of their managers.

You become a ticking time-bomb, who has given so much control to others that you now need to be intoxicated in between your projects. If you’re not working, you’re high. Just so you can be inspired by the frivolity of the dream-land you want to stay in. And because everyone else around you is in that state of mind, you consider it to be a norm.


All the attention you get from groupies or people that want to take advantage of your status and power – make you believe that you life needs to be promiscuous. So you begin to get distanced from your conscience and start to ”have fun”.

If you have a conscience, the system just gets you depressed. So you might not be addicted or high, but you become an anti-social recluse and the media writes you off as a ‘depressed no’body’. Can you even begin to imagine the pressure?