3- Trust and Insecurity

It’s quintessential for every celebrity to surround themselves with ”real” people. People who do not want to use them for their status and power. People who genuinely care about the inner soul of the person. People who are genuine friends. They do not want to be seen in public with you and draw attention towards themselves at the back of your success. They’re people who keep you grounded, humble, real and modest.

Unfortunately Ubiquitous discussions and debates take place, which in most cases do not focus on the root cause of celebrity suicides but one of the most critical aspect or reason for someone to draw themselves to a point of no – return, is simply because they feel lost, confused and all alone. Kurt Cobain’s suicide letter reeked loneliness. He felt too much, until he started feeling nothing at all. Had he found someone to feel his pain, or who understood it, dissected it, helped him through it – he might have been alive?

Family plays a critical role in this. It’s so important to keep your loved ones grounded when fame comes slamming at their face. One has to protect their loved ones from the darkness of the fame. If you get high, you’re bound to fall. It’s physics. Its inevitable. Best is not to get so high that you have to fall. Best is to stay balanced. Amy Winehouse couldn’t trust if anyone in her life her the best interest for her. Amy to her father : ‘Why have you done this to me? You have to come out with a camera crew! Are you only interested in me for what you can get out of me?’


Can you imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to trust your own kin? One might think that celebrities are hard-core but in reality they’re very sensitive and emotional. They’re as human as the next person. It’s a big responsibility for them to continue to maintain an image for the society – someone their fans want to ape. They do this for their image. They do this for their glory.