Suicide often leaves survivors in a state of utter shock and agony, and the after effects along with the lack of closure can lead to extreme ramifications.

Whether its poping anti-depressant pills, protecting themselves from anxiety and panic attacks, doing cocaine to get through a social event, taking subscription medicine to manage post traumatic stress, trying to get into the ”character” of a role, battling severe depression and loneliness – the list can go on. There are several psychosomatic disorders that distance a celebrity to be more and more disconnected from reality.

The crux of the matter is to make sure that one knows that fame isnt to be allowed to consume us. Sure, you can desire to be famous, but it must never ever get to your head. it mustn’t ever allow you to fool yourself or others.

This is why half the celebrities these days are trying more and more to get into a mindset of switching on and off. They might have experienced a high at some point or the other, but they’re now grounded and want to be ”down to earth” humble. Post their shoots they want to get off social media and go spend quality time with their families. They want to detach from the downward spiral of the attention. They want to breathe, and honestly they have all the rights to. So let’s let them.

RIP Chester – May you have it in you to be stronger in your next life.

While all his songs spoke of his pain -Numb, In the end, here is the most heartbreaking one quite in line with the 3 reasons mentioned above. Listen to him sing this song at the Hellfest 2017. Until then, leaving you with the lyrics ->