I wish to help you tackle the problem. Yes, grief, is a problem, if it persists, rather if we let it persist for a long time.

“Time heals all wounds.” I know everyone uses this statement at the drop of a hat. Sitting on the other side and preaching is very easy. You won’t believe this when you’re actually suffering. Because you don’t look, see, feel beyond the hurt and pain you feel. They left you, they died, they’re missing, they betrayed you, they cheat on you—the list goes on. But there is a simple thing to realize and remember—there are stages of grief, and you need to go through it. A feeling will never stay constant.

Instead of convincing yourself that you will stay “like this” (grief stricken) forever, make an attempt to save yourself and hold your own hand to walk ahead, you need to realize that ‘the feeling I feel right now, will not define me; it can never define me; yes I feel hurt and I am miserable right now, but this too, shall pass.”

It might take days, months, years for that to happen; there can never be a timeline set, but assuring yourself that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel is the first step to recovery.