5.Acceptance – This is the last stage of grief. You know that feeling you feel when you want to cry and you start crying, and the tears keep coming out and you make those noises and grunts like a piglet and this goes on for a while—until that one moment when you know the crying pang is getting over, and the last tear rolls down your cheek and you take that one big sigh. Perhaps a sigh of relief? Or respite? Or hope? You suddenly stop crying. In those few seconds you vent, but in that last second you accept. You wipe the tears off your face, smile a little because you stop feeling numb. You have an urge to feel feelings again. Feel happy feelings again. You accept that reality can be scary, and anything can happen at any time, but you also get a bunch of other realizations, like you are in the present tense, and at this very moment, you decide how you feel and you decide what you make of this feeling. You either sink into a dark abyss and keep feeling miserable, or you look or try to look at the light of the day. This is when the dust begins to settle. This is when you observe what you have, instead of focussing on what you don’t. A little sense of gratitude seeks in. You take that last sigh, wipe that last tear, and open the window to let fresh air in.