1. Get up 15 minutes earlier than your usual time – watch the sunrise
  2. Eat and drink healthy – READ: At least 3 litres of water, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Write to-do lists with your urgent and important tasks to avoid forgetting your priorities and responsibilities.
  4. Prepare for the morning the night before. eg ironing your clothes, sorting your to-do list etc
  5. Think about your top 3 priorities.
  6. Avoid negative people (pessimists, bad influences, people who stress and judge).
  7. Say Sorry when you make any mistake.
  8. Don’t forget to Thank people.
  9. Develop a sense of humor – don’t take everything too seriously.
  10. Smile at strangers.
  11. Chew 8 times before you swallow.
  12. Take deep and full breaths. Breathe from the nose.
  13. Call your parents – every day.
  14. Be cognizant of your development areas : Pick the skill that needs honing and work on it.
  15. Sleep for 7 hours.



Whoever told you life was complicated basically had no idea how to clear up the confusions in their head. So dont believe them. Life is easy and our minds our powerful and strong. So make the most of today and start working towards training your body to cope with whatever life has to offer you. Good or bad. You need to preserve your energy to ensure your head is in the right place and your feet are on the ground.