This generation is yearning for constructive criticism that puts them in their place and makes them realize how they need to stretch themselves, they’re yearning for managers that don’t shove their responsibilities under the rug of today / throw their team under the bus in front of other stakeholders, they’re desperate for an atmosphere where they’re not hated / judged, they’re desperate to seek mentors that genuinely care about their success and growth.

The bottomline is – Dear Boomers,  if you give your Millennial what they want, they will actually work hard in return. Learn to ‘’manage’’ them by really knowing what pushes their buttons / disconnects them and what encourages them to grow and be brilliant. All you baby boomer – managers need to realize that this generation is brilliant and have access to everything you didn’t, but YOU definitely lead the way courtesy your years of hard work, perseverance and experience, and they WANT to be led.


They want to look up to you. So be a good teacher, be a brilliant preacher – show them what you did and how you lead the way, and how you still continue to learn and adapt to the latest asks of today’s world. Show them how agile you are.

Tell them stories – this generation is a sucker for stories and valuable lessons. Work as a family. The team needs to work as ONE, regardless your differences, be open to eachother’s thought process and point of view. Do not have a hostile work environment where everyone has to follow old fashioned rules.