This generation will never think they’re better than you, they respect you, but they’ll definitely not want to undermine their own abilities too. If you asked them a question and they didn’t know the answer, they’ll admit to not knowing but they’ll go home and research that topic, see 50 google links and come back with more than enough information the next day.

I hope that makes you see the opportunity you have at hand. Make the most of these resources.

So plug the XBOX in the gaming room, give the women a spa coupon every month, let there be a fridge in the bosses room with chilled beers so that when there is a reason to celebrate they can call in the young team members and pop some bottles..


…Ask your Millennials what they want and then give give it to them…. in the same breath give them stretching targets – and then sit back and watch how they blow your mind with their performance.